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Robot Experience. World Impact.
​Why Robot?

It's always hard to look into the future and see exactly what it might bring. But if one thing is certain, it is that robots will be an integral part of that future, entering parts of the economy and our personal lives that a few years ago we could only imagine.

We now find robots doing everything from vacuuming floors and assisting the elderly to entertaining at contents and difussing bombs on the battlefield. As robots find their way into an increasing number of applications, they will inevitably find themselves working alongside humans, eventually cohabiting with us. Despite technical and economic challenges unimaginable, there seems, to a futurist's eyes, no limit to the sustainable expansibility of application.

Robots are even continuing its growth to be born as an entertainer, dancer, fighter, avatar, performer, fish, language teacher and a restaurant manager. These service robots are all no surprise at all. They play in team; communicate with humans; wear faces. They play violin; sing a musical on stage; act as master of wedding. They are personalized with an identity. They are no more robots.


Due to robots' instrumental usability and serviceability, they have become one of the perferred edcational items for years in some countries. Numerous companies offer lower-priced "toy robots" for this market and there are increasingly more sophisticated products in the market. Parents know robots are a good tool for their children to taste science, technology and mathematics. They are born to be edutainer.


Robots are picking up their first step towards a brave new world.


AMICUS is absolutely sure that robotics success story will go on for decades to come!

Steven LEE


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