Dear Colleagues & Clients,


It is absolutely my great pleasure to welcome you to AMICUS.


Personally, I have spent most of my life in developing, designing, manufacturing, researching, trading and carring forward large-scale projects, all in robot and related industry. As an engineer, I have watched how the robot technology has been evolved and how the robot business has been changed over the decades. From the life-long professional experiences, I earned lessons and wisdom - the man who knows the market best is the winner.


AMICUS is hatched up with the lessons and wisdom.


AMICUS is always interested in what you have in mind, where your eyes direct, and when you need to communicate.


If you are looking for robot business opportunities in and out of Korea, AMICUS is the right gateway to success.


AMICUS stays at your disposal.


Kind regards,



Steven LEE

President & CEO


Steven LEE - Founder