Business Scope

Robot Trading: Export


We export many kinds of Korea robots abroad, ranging from entertainment robot to education robot, through our trustworthy robot business partners worldwide.
We have a wide range of international networks including China, India, Indonesia, USA, New Zealand, and UAE.


Moreover, because China has huge market, we pay more attention to Chinese market via Shanghai and Qingdao business partners to do sales and marketing of potentially marketable Korea robots.

Robot Biz Consulting


If your company is composed of only engineers who have less oversea sales and marketing experience, we can help you boost your international biz activities with our sincere working-level assistance.


And, we can  also share you with what you have to do and what you prepare to go to the next step for penetrating your targeted market.

To perform oversea robot business, there are a lot of requirements to check than you expect. AMICUS is here for you!

Robot Sales: Distributor


As Korea robot manufacturers are losing competency in manufacturing cost, more qualified service robots with lower price are appearing in the market these days.

From last year, robot demands are gradually increasing in and out of Korea.


Through robot exhibition and market survey, we are trying to provide good robots with lower price but higher functions for customers in Korea. More and more attractive robots are expected to approach us in the near future.

Robot Biz Partnership


When you feel you need to be in cooperation with oversea companies or organizations for expansion of your business abroad, there may be many sort of business collaboration type.


It includes joint stock company, joint venture company, technology transfer, CKD/SKD/OEM/ODM business, joint R&D execution, and so on.


Dream of your future business blueprint to turn around now. We AMICUS can bridge you to the right biz partner. You would be able to be ahead of others.

Robot Studio/Museum


Through accumulated experience and expertise for Robot Pavilion of Yeosu EXPO2012, we AMICUS can provide turn-key solution, from A to Z, to customers who want to build robot studio in their country.
The Robot Pavilion, which have been never tried in the world, was one of hot contents among kids, and it would be a good place to enjoy robotic technology and future dream.


It could be a lucrative business model with many commercial facilities such as robot cafe, robot restaurant, robot shop, and so on.



ERTC is short for educational robot training center. Through many years of field-proven experience, we AMICUS provide ERTC total solution to customers.


To make a difference, ERTC should go with right educational tool, trendy curriculum, and appropriate service for students.


We will offer you the most didactical solution combined with S/W(Arduino-compatible), DIY, and creative H/W platform.


With this state-of-the art solution, you can create what you imagine.