Industrial Robot

 Electronics/Semiconductor/Material Handling Industry

   • Cartesian robot

   • Clean cartesian robot

   • SCARA robot

   • Clean SCARA robot

   • Palletizing robot

   • Leadframe pasting machine

   • Leadframe inspection machine

 Shipbuilding/Heavy Industry

   • Large-scale gantry robot

   • Blasting robot

   • L-angle edge grinding robot

   • 10kg payload 6-axes vertically articulated robot

   • Component grinding robot

   • Container welding carriage

   • 3kg payload 6-axes vertically articulated robot


Non-industrial Robot

 Service Field

   • Humanoid robot arm

 Bio-engineering/Lab Automation

   • Automatic electrophoresis system

   • Personal microarrayer

   • Personal liquid handler

   • Liquid handler

   • Bag mixer



   • Selected as a general manager of DSME robot pavilion

   • Robot and its contents survey

   • Budget management

   • Robot pavilion planning

   • Robot zoning(Choice the robots for exhibition)

   • Robot specification definition

   • Robot interface coordination with pavilion construction

   • Contract with the robot manufacturers

   • Periodical check for robot manufacturing process

   • Robot setup(Final inspector)

   • Robot operation

   • Robot periodical check and maintenance(Troubleshooting, safety)

   • Robot demolition

   • Final report