Our Vision - The creator of new robot waves

Launched as a robot manufacturer, supplier and trader, AMICUS is a company uniquely specialized in providing a professional robot-themed park, studio, museum, pavilion, and aquarium worldwide, from idea, plan and proposal to installation, operation and after-sales service; all from the inside out.


AMICUS is the one and only player in this business domain around the world in the true sense of the word, capable of carrying out consultancy job and drawing up proposal, executing project management, working out robot design, estimating cost, offering operation service and updating contents with after-sales cares. As any of the robot-centered projects has never been tried on earth, we are extremely proud of presenting our corporate vision to you as ideal business partner in the market.


Robot is an ideal theme from edutainment stand-point of views, and a highly attractive theme from leisure and tourism stand-point of view. AMICUS is anticipating on tip-toes to create and capture value for the investors interested in the challengeable robot-themed project from all corners of the world.


AMICUS is also exploring robots’ potentials as a cohabiter in the universe. We bring them to stage to play musical roles. We release them in aquarium to swim. We give them soul to live together with us in harmony. AMICUS is searching for more jobs and more spaces for robots, transcending the horizon of the traditional robot market.


AMICUS welcomes whoever is interested in the innovative use of robots; customers, manufacturers, engineers, traders, businessmen, investors and dealers. We know the robot market of Korea most and best.