Robot Biz Consulting

Oversea Sales & Marketing


When you pursue an oversea sales in the beginning or you stand at the crossroad for oversea sales and marketing, you need to check a number of items before you kick off.


It includes certification, professional trading knowledge and expertise as well as QC & QA.


To do oversea sales and marketing efficiently, you also need to understand business culture and good communication skill.


We will help you these kinds of works before you go or when you plan to go abroad with your products. We want to fully support you.  

Oversea Buyer Excavation


To penetrate oversea market, you have to do a number of things such as market survey, exhibition participation, sales promotion, and negotiation, trading in the countries you want.


It will cost you a lot of time and money than you expect.


We will bridge you to practically potential buyers through our oversea market information and channels.


Are you ready to start market exploitation now? Consult us! 

Investment & Joint Venture


When you have an amazing business idea or you need to put more to expand your business abroad, you need to utilize leverage policy.


Of course, its marketability should be confirmed and proven before you go. But it will be a better opportunity to leap into the huge oversea market with investment, efficient management.


We will help you get involved in this blueprint with trust and passion. 

Technology Transfer


More and more customers are getting interested in technology transfer because they have also good infrastructure except technologies.

When the opposite party is in the same market position as a manufacturer or the opposite party want to commercialize product by utilizing your technologies, this is one of good ways to cowork.


Good cooperation and partnership will drive you to success in your robot business.

New Robot Biz Planning


Sometimes, a robot company manufactures only product unit. But, in reality, sometimes customers want to have a fusion product or total solution.


Nowadays, a number of customers are more interested in new ones.


We would be able to integrate everything around us into all-in-one or give birth to an another new one business model for better services to our customers.


Let's have a strategic plan with us!





ODM(Customized Development)


Joint R&BD

Any possible business opportunities