Robot Education

Programmable Robot Kit


A programmable robotic kit can be said to be a way to simply learn the way to program robots.


One can do this by themselves after buying the kit. They are best for people who do not know anything about robots as they teach the way to program robots right from the beginning. The kit will be able to teach one in forming programming skills. A robot kit will aid students in working with hardware that is real so that they can be ready for the problems that will be experienced in real physical work. 

Educational Robotics


Educational robotics is a learning environment in which the people involved are motivated by the design and construction of creations (object that has characteristics similar to those of human or animal life).


These creations are given in the first instance and later mental form in physical form, which are built with different types of materials and controlled by a computer system, which are called prototypes or simulations.



The set of educational activities that support and strengthen specific areas of knowledge and skills developed in students through the design, creation, assembly and operation of robots.


The goal of teaching robotics, is to adapt students to current production processes, where the Automation Technology (which is related to the use of mechanical, electronic and computer-based, in the operation and control of the production) plays a very important role. However robotics system is considered beyond a working application.


In robotics, robot hardware and software need to have a perfect relationship, as robotic movements are a link between the physical and logical.



Educational Robotics focuses primarily on the creation of a robot for the sole purpose of developing a much more practical and didactic motor and cognitive skills of those who use them. This approach is intended to stimulate interest in the hard science and encourage healthy activity. Also ask the child to achieve an organization in group discussions in order to develop social skills, respect each turn to expose and learn to work in teams.


Smart robot Albert is the world's first  robot for education that communicates with children, reads books, and plays games with the use of a smartphone.

With Albert, children can learn effectively and naturally while playing.

Smart robot Albert changes in multiple ways according to versatile modifications of applications, thereby creating a new education culture.

This is a Scratch-compatible education robot.



One gets the idea that a robot is built using cables and equipment to do it in real life, but not, because in Educational Robotics initially intended to create a computer-robot, is made in special programs such as the XLogo(actually using a free version of it), which takes a small study robot see if it is feasible or not in reality. Here, take it into the computer sets the role of this robot, which are specific for small tasks (like bringing clean objects or things, for example), and is seen on the screen is how this robot. Then, removing and rearranging, we proceed to use materials to carry it out in reality.


• Make it more orderly.

• Promote the experiments, where the

  mistake is part of learning and self-


• Be more responsible with their things.

• Develop greater mobility in their hands.

• Develop our knowledge

• Develop the ability to group, allowing people

   to socialize.

• Develop their creative abilities.

• Able to observe every detail.

• Develop learning in a fun way


Cubo series is a educational robot kit. Cubo series can be divided into four products: Cubo, Cubo Plus, Cubo Scratch, Cubo Meta.

Cubo series are for elementary and middle school at 7~12 ages. Each product has four to five levels to cover from beginners to higher students.

Students can learn about mechanics, electronics, and programming through Cubo series.


This is a Arduino-based open source humanoid robot.

This robot is composed of 16 digital servo motors, exclusive main controller board, and metal brackets & others. To be compatible with Ardunio, additionally dedicated IRduino board is provided to put easily in the main controller board.

This robot is compatible with most Arduino Shields in the market, so this advantages allow users to test various robot tasks with IRduino API and libraries.

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