Robot Pavilion at YEOSU EXPO2012

Dear Colleagues & Clients,


It is absolutely my great pleasure to introduce you to the Robot Pavilion at Yeosu World Expo 2012 which was held from May 12 to August 12(93 days, without holidays) in 2012.


Among 50 pavilions at Yeosu World Expo2012, the Robot Pavilion was one of the top 5 pavilions to visit. The robot pavilion was in operation as follows.


   • Operation time: 09:00am ~ 09:00pm(12 hours, without break)

   • Operation type: about 100 visitors per 10~15 minutes, total 40 minutes of watching

   • The number of total visitor: 865,023(about 10,000 per day)


Many VVIPs in and out of Korea visited the Robot Pavilion. And it was in the hot spotlight during the whole Expo period among a lot of press and media. Especially, it was the most popular one among kids. 

This was the first robot pavilion that had never tried in the world.

I really appreciate many relevant staffs' sacrifice and effort that made this No.1 memorable international event once again.


Steven LEE



Layout Of The Robot Pavilion

























Internal Design Of The Robot Pavilion




















[ Facade ]























[ Entrance ]























[ Robot Cargo ]























[ Robot Dancing Stage, 1F ]























[ Robot Soccer Stadium, 2F ]























[ Robot Laboratory ]























[ Deep Sea ]























[ Ending ]



Snap Shot Of The Robot Pavilion



































Steven LEE
General Manager(2011.02~2012.09)
Robot Pavilion
Yeosu World Expo 2012
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