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QRC Humanoid Robot

This is a humanoid robot developed by Ever Win robot company headquartered in Qingdao, China.

It can talk with a human as well as walk and dance. With 16 servo motors embedded into the robot body, it can move like a human. And users can program to make robot motions to dance to music.



   • Cost-effective humanoid robot

   • 16 degrees of freedom

   • Voice recognition

   • Voice command

   • Dialogue with a human: English, Chinese...

   • Camera embedded in the head

   • SDK: programmable for motion generation

   • 5 Songs & dances and 5 basic motions

   • Android/iOS/Window

   • 1:N sychronized control(Optional)

Basic Specifications


   • Size: 421mm(H)x189mm(W)x99mm(D)

   • 1.85kg

   • Material: ABS Shell, Alloy Skeleton

   • Number of joint: 16(Leg5x2, Arm3x2)


   • Processor: ARM 32-bit MCLI

   • Internal Memory: 4GB

   • Control method: Smartphone/Table/PC

                                    Wifi Control

   • Battery: NiMH 7.4V 2200mAh

   • Charging time: 2 Hours

   • Operation time: 1 Hour


   • Compatibility: Windows/Android/iOS

   • Program: QRC2(3D GUI Programming Tool)

   • Sensor: Gyro. Sound, LED


   • Dual-channel speakers


1. Multi-language dialogue service will be available at the end of this year.

2. For reference, you can see this dancing robots at

3. For purchase, contact us please.