Robotic Studio






































• Robotic Studio is an indoor pavilion of a new concept where visitors can see, touch, feel and

  experience the whold bunch of new and innovative robots on site.

• Robotic Studio is a place enjoying the past, present and future of the robot, and its cutting-

  edge technology.

• Robotic Studio  is an amazing robot platform for education, entertainment and tourism.


Who we are?

• AMICUS is an innovative company specialized in design, execution and operation of the

  Robotic Studio.

• AMICUS is a total robot solution provider.

• AMICUS is a creative robot consultancy company.


Who need it?

• Museum/amusement park operators wanting to insert or add new business contents.

• Governments or public entities interested in promoting tourism and entertainment industry.

• Private enterpreneurs looking for sustainable robot-themed business.


What are the benefits?

• Enhancement of educational enthusiasm, and faciliation of growth of entertainment and

  tourism industry.

• Sustainable business

AMICUS' Business Scope

1. Robot Supply and Trade

• Industrial Robots

• Service/Entertainment/Education Robots

• Land-based/Aquatic/Aerial Robots


2. Robot Design and Manufacturing

• Industrial and Non-industrial Robots

• Toy Robots and Educational Robots

• Entertainment Robots


3. Robot Technology Provider

• Technical Solution Provider

• Technical Service Provider

• Technical Consulting Provider


4. Robot Consulting and Services

• Robot Consulting Services

• Market Research and Analysis

• Value-added and Innovative Business Consulting Service

• Robot Performance and Media Arts

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